Youth ID working with vulnerable groups

Our Engagement

We are convinced that young people are an essential actor of change. It must be given confidence in themselves and the opportunity to act. Part of the youth is radicalized and we must act so that its energy is channeled into projects with positive impacts. In addition to supporting young people on international solidarity projects, we work with them on equal opportunities and the fight against precariousness. Always in a benevolent and inclusive dynamic, we try to collaborate with vulnerable groups..


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Create digital tools and workshops to prevent radicalization

Engage with refugees

Engage the homeless in artistic projects

Our interventions

In collaboration with different partners, we work with vulnerable groups to encourage them to be agents of change.

Indeed, our main goal is not to tell them that we are here to help them but rather to tell them that we need their help. All of our projects have been carried out hand in hand with the first concerned.



Our interventions address three dimensions:

They trust us :

An example of intervention

Inauguration of the exhibition Arte Al margen, in TBS Barcelona, December 2016 (in Spanish)

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