Digital tools and workshops to prevent radicalization

Since the creation of Youth ID, the fight against youth radicalization has been part of our daily struggles.

Youth ID collaborated in partnership with public institutions and researchers from the Association Recherche Action Contre le Discours Radical Violent and Les Militants Des Savoirs to develop digital educational kits on the prevention of radicalization.

Two video clips that we have partially produced trace the paths of two young people from different backgrounds, Karim and Hélène. These true stories were conceived from the life of the so-called repentant young people, collected first-hand and adapted. Karim is a teenager with North African origins living in a French suburban neighborhood that will switch through video games; unlike Helen, from a family of upper middle class of Catholic tradition who will adhere to jihadist ideology after the death of her grandmother.

These videos are provided with educational sheets to support and empower professionals using them with their young people. The main objective is to promote a fruitful and collective reflexion around the situations and key moments in the history of young people. To obtain the video capsules as well as for any other additional information concerning the tools and the animation trainings, contact us:

Our digital Workshops 


In an innovative pedagogical approach, mixing informal education (transparent testimonies, peer education, workshops, case studies) and presentation of digital tools (podcast, videos, social media campaigns) we empower young people in the creation of alternative speeches to prevent radicalization. We discuss with them many topics of society and enrich the reflexion thanks to the intervention of researchers, youth workers, role models, … .

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