Monthly program

By scrolling through this page or clicking on the magnifying glass, you will find our programme for the current month. 

There are always three pages, one for events, one for workshops and one for the projects of the month. Here you will find more information.

Don’t forget to scroll through them 


It is imperative to register for each event/workshop. This allows us to have a precise number of participants and to adapt the event/workshop to suit. 

Remember to let us know if you are unable to attend an event.

Join via Zoom

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email (it may arrive in SPAM or Promotions).

At the event/workshop schedule, return to this page and click on the zoom link corresponding to your registration.

You will arrive in a waiting room and we will admit you. 

Our regular events

Intercultural exchange

Mini-games online

Every Tuesday 18h

Cinema discussion

Let’s talk about movies!

Every Wednesday 18h30

Association Meetup

Let’s meet and talk!

Twice a month (COVID)

Intercultural party

Covid times, covid parties

Tuesday 16 Fev. 18h

Our regular workshop

Volunteering abroad

How to apply?

Every Tuesday 12h30

Project creation

How to create a project?

Check the monthly program!

Improve your language skills

English or Spanish

Check the monthly program!

Workshop for Parents

Financial help, scholarships etc.

Check the monthly program!

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We have a monthly newsletter to present you with upcoming events, opportunities to go abroad and other activities, as well as our previous projects.