Youth ID official figures in Palestine

1 visit to the French consulate in Palestine

2 nights spent with our flashlight initiative Skatepal

4 hours interviewing our young decision maker Malek Abualfailat

6 cities visited in the whole country : Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethleem…

10s strong relationships created

36 spontaneous street interview

60 minutes of video to work on

90 km of Palestine forgotten (Gaza strip is closed for foreigners)

130 answers to our inquiry (feel free if you have 40 seconds to give your opinion on the youtj, whatever your age 😉

Hundreds of exciting discussions and debates with an educated Palestinian who expressed their thirst of discovery.

Informal figures

-240 meter under the zero level of the sea, Jerricho is the lowest city of the world

0 entrance in a monastery build into the cliffs because of a short pant

1 visit to the French embassy of Palestine (same than the one in the consulate but because of diplomatic matters they do not call it an embassy even if they do same job)

2 tests of skating without result (normal when you try to skate without a skate)

2,5 unofficial propose of weddings for laughing (the 0,5 propose was half serious)

3 Bansky‘s tags

4 Bansky’s fake tags

4,58 litters of (very) sweet mint tea drunk

5 nights in the house of Palestinians

6 Palestinians who keep on to discuss with us (rather speak than discuss because all the conversations are in Arabic) on Facebook (2 out of 6 are closed to send us message every day…)

7 letters taggued : Youth ID, just next to one Space Invadors’s tag on the wall at Bethlehem

days without any drop of alcohol (not so common for a student)

10s tears when we see the situation of some refugee camps or checkpoints

16 misunderstanding between Arabic and Hebrew city name ( Hébron = Al Khalil)

28 minutes of futsal under the Hebron sky fences

45 minutes waiting just to pass one checkpoint

88 humous and falafels eaten (not both at the same time; when you have a small budget you have to choose just one…)

99 discussions or debates without speaking the same language

108 “ahlan wa sahlan” or “welcome” heard

Hundreds of meetings which affected you by the Palestinian kindness and goodwill

Images instead of words

And we do hope to be able to give you more next time! Indeed if there is one figure to remember from our Palestinian Youth ID trip, it is 1 pledge to come back one day. Palestine is a special country full of people who can change you in a better person.

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