Impatient to read the Youth ID Moroccan outcome and the last videos, articles and anecdotes ? Here some figures :

Figures instead of words :

1 study meeting with one of the youngest political elected
2 initiatives empowering young people
4 interviews of young decision-makers and influencers
5 key figures about the Moroccan youth
7 visited cities
13 people who spontaneous put in contact and helped us
15 Moroccans met for our street interviews
60 questionnaires done (objective 100 in each country so let’s go)
1000 likes and more on our Facebook page

To sum up thousands of new sources of inspiration thanks to this amazing country : Morocco.

A non-exhaustive list to extend with few Youth ID inside figures (for sure, we will keep some of them for us)

Informal figures instead of official ones

0,5 meeting with French embassy (we were waiting for in the wrong office)
1 street interview without the sound
2 young decision-maker interviews filmed in dark place
4 remarks about the Moroccan card we used (a sensitive subject)
5 socks for 15 days (we did try to wash them in mountain rivers but to be honest we need some classes)
10 successful negotiations (we just managed to pay the Moroccan price)
16 roses given for the international women day with the mayor
20 refusals for our street interviews
35 people in a share-taxi of 15 places
50 bad negotiations
100 lightening smiles shared

And even more :
200 lightening smiles shared with a few missing teeth (we are joking about it but dental health is one of the best indicators for knowing a family class)
400 kilometers of hitchhiking
600 kilometers of share taxis, great moments all squeezed when everyone speak together in many languages

To sum up, thousands of complications making of our study trip a real school of life (the coming video of our 68 year-old backpacker sleeping under the stars in Imilchil lake will confirm it).

One picture says more than thousands of words

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