Alarming Under-Representation Of The Youth

What is your opinion on this simple fact? 51% of our today’s world population is under 30, but only 1,65% of parliamentarians are in their 20s. Very few of young people have a real impact on decision-making process of their organizations (companies, NGOs,…). Most of the time youth is even not invited to give its opinion. Source UN 

How to apply efficient, sustainable and unifying decision when a relevant part of the population is not taken into account?

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Facing various crisis more and more actors highlight the dynamism, creativity, optimism and capacity of adaption and innovation of the youth today. However there are very little examples of young under 35 years who have been given the opportunity to participate in the decision-process of their organizations.

Following sustainability and performance logic, organizations, S.M.Es, international institutions, political groups, associations, and cultural organizations should aim to integrate diversity of age in their decision-making process. Young people often confront a “glass ceiling “ , a real obstacle for being involved in decisions making process beside other members of their societies.

Alarming representation

Youth ID Goals

Through the meetings of young change-makers and organizations empowering the youth,  Youth ID has a double goals : inspire new generations and persuade our decision-makers that integrating the youth beside their experiment peers is a sustainable solution.

Youth ID Project

Using digital and IRL tools, Youth ID aims to broadcast the youth’s voice . In particular learn  from the young people who has managed to join the decision-making process within their respective organizations.  The aim is to understand their today’s role and future recommendations.

Youth ID project

Youth ID Steps In Each Country

  1. Spontaneous street interviews of people about the youth role in their society.
  2. Statistics and visuals about the place of the youth in the country we are. We tackle four dimensions : economic, political, cultural, sociological.
  3. A “lightening interview” video release, a short video version (1 min) of the young decision-maker.
  4. Visit a local initiative empowering youth for their professional & citizen lives.
  5. A conference and workshop in a university about role and participation of young people
  6. Meet a local politician in charge of the field and give him or her young decision-maker recommendations.

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