Léonie Martin

Leonie Martin (26 yo) - "youth wants to be politically active", politic

First in the video…

Leonie Martin was about to explain how to overcome the fact that too often young people are not taken seriously. I think we need to be more assertive so we need to go into the room. We know what we can, we know about our capacities,, we know about our skills. I got a reason why I’m in this room. But at the same time, the others need to change their attitude toward us.”

What is Léonie Martin’s life path to have this conclusion? Let’s discover it together

An inclusive youth NGO

Leonie Martin is the senior Vice-President of JEF (Young Federalist Europea) at 26 years old. JEF is a youth NGO, working for a more democratic, federal Europe, which is active everywhere in Europe and even beyond the border of the EU:. Their network is spread in 33 countries. They have one core value: to be inclusive, as Europe has been and should continue to be. JEF is trans-partisan, meaning that people from all kind of parties (even sometimes Euro-sceptic ones) are members. They gather every kind of young people, from very partisan ones to non-partisan at all.

“young people want to be politically active but don’t necessarily want to be a member of a political party”

Indeed non-partisan, as Leonie Martin is, because there is a global tendency: young people want to be politically active but don’t necessarily want to be a member of a political party. We also noticed this development with Youth ID: whatever the country, whatever the continent, more and more young people are doing politics in another way. They do not seem to believe in their political institutions  which is why they try to be involved differently (even sometimes by not voting, not because they do not care but because they want to contest). But let’s come back to JEF, we will have time to do Youth ID conclusions later.

JEF is such a huge network that one of our first questions was how do you organize and manage an organization in 33 countries gathering between 10,000 to 30,000 members… including 11 000 members paying membership fee. A question even more relevant, when your  connections are strong in some countries and not at all in others.

Give independence and trust to your network


For Leonie Martin, everything is a matter of motivation and establishing links between people. JEF is not here to control their local NGO members but to give them a European framework. Why ? Because it is important to them  to encourage political participation. The local members are the best