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What role can the youth play?


51% of the worldwide population is less than 30 years old.


1,65% of parliamentarians around the world are in their 20s.


71 million unemployed youth worldwide


More than one-third of working youth are living with less than US3$ a day

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Facing various crisis more and more actors highlight the dynamism, creativity, optimism and capacity of adaption and innovation of the youth today. However there are very little examples of youth less than 35 years who have been given the opportunity to participate in the decision-process of their organizations.

Following sustainability and performance logic, organizations, S.M.Es, international institutions, political groups, associations, and cultural organizations should aim to integrate youth in their decision-making process. Young people often confront a “glass ceiling “ thats represents an obstacle in making decisions with other members of their groups.

3 billion of young people

How to apply efficient, sustainable and unifying decision when half of the population is not taken into account?

Our goal

Through the meetings of young change-makers and organizations empowering the youth, Youth ID wants to inspire new generations and persuade our decision-makers that integrating the youth beside their experiment peers is a sustainable solution.

Our project

Using digital and IRL tools, from March to September 2017, Youth ID aims to broadcast the youth’s voice who has managed to join the decision-making process within their respective organizations in order to understand their today’s role and future recommendations.

Our questions

How do they manage to break the glass ceiling when they were not meant undertake this take at their age?

What is impact of integrating youth in their long-term performance?

How do diversity and plurial youth profile impact things such as inequality?

What role can young people play in the future?

Our tour

During 6 month Youth ID team will meet young people and decision-makers. Discover our itinerary


The different steps we do in each country

Step 1

Spontaneous street interviews of people about the youth

Step 2

Statistic and visuals about the place of the youth

Step 3

A “lightening interview” video release of our young decision-maker

Step 4

Visit of a local initiative empowering youth

Step 5

A conference and workshop in a university

Step 6

Meet a local politician

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