Act for sustainable development and climate

Cross-cutting in our society, we take care to integrate ecological considerations into all our projects

Sustainable development and fight against global warming are at the heart of all our projects. Young people are concerned about these issues but are poorly informed and looking for ways to get involved. Therefore we set up awareness-raising projects with our partners on various themes: responsible consumption, zero waste, digital and environment, ethical finance, sustainable mobility, etc.

Yanis Lammari, founder of Youth ID, was among the young UN observers with the Refedd at COP21 and its intersessional negotiations.

Sample project: connect engaged explorers with young people

Emmanuel Hussenet

He is at the origin of the Hans Island project. Canada and Denmark are currently competing for these lands, Emmanuel Hussenet wishes that it does not belong to any State in order to dedicate it to humanity and consciousness. He is also very involved in the fight against the melting of the pack ice.

Loïc Blaise (Polar Kid)

Stricken with multiple sclerosis, Loïc Blaise is a fierce aviator who made the “Ice World Tour” in 2018 by opening the last air route to the heart of the Arctic. He is very involved in both the fight against multiple sclerosis and against global warming

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