Youth ID figures in Palestine

Official (and informal) figures in Palestine

Youth ID official figures in Palestine 1 visit to the French consulate in Palestine 2 nights spent with our flashlight initiative Skatepal 4 hours interviewing our young decision maker Malek Abualfailat 6 cities visited in the whole country : Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethleem… 10s strong relationships created 36 spontaneous street interview 60 minutes of video to […]


"Youth is catching up the delay", Malek Abualfailat

Malek Abualfailat (30 yo), "Catching up the delay..."

First in the video… Malek Abualfailat was about to explain that “empowering young people can be going when you think doing a change in your area and not wait for a change. You have to adapt yourself to the current situation. For example, I am an environmentalist and a waster specialist. If I don’t find my […]


Adnane Addioui

"Youth Is Not An Excuse" Adnane Addioui 30-under-30, social entrepreneurship

In the video… Adnane Addioui was about to explain “how the youth should think about the decisions they have to take and be ambitious?” His answer: Young people should “not be focused on their studies alone. Unfortunately, most young people in some societies are only focused on the grades and diplomas, neglecting what matters…. skills and […]